Full Service Merchandising Firm since 1974 Duggan & Brown

Jerry Brown
During a career in “Special Markets” including Sales Promotion Administrator for Anheuser Busch, Inc., Vice President – Merchandising at Marketing Associates, and Senior Vice President – Merchandising at Douglas Dunhill, Jerry developed a remarkable knack for spotting both product and premium items that excel in direct marketing programs.

In 1977 he formed Duggan & Brown, Inc. with Joe Duggan. Jerry put his expertise to work for a broad range of clients and manufacturers.  Jerry and Joe developed an enviable series of success stories. Their idea, which has carried forward to today, was to develop long term relationships with manufacturers of quality products and take these products to a specialized market of Direct Mail, Mail Order Catalogs, Direct Response Merchandising, and more recently, TV sales and the Internet.  For over 30 years, this strategy has produced remarkable results for clients and manufacturers alike. Jerry retired in 2019 and is Chairman Emeritus.